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HISD Foundation’s Innovation Grant enables teachers and schools to implement innovative learning opportunities in the class room. In 2017-1018, the Foundation funded over $158,000 to 18 campuses ranging from robotics to literacy.

Money raised through the Golf Tournament, Friends of HISD, and State of the Schools allows the foundation to continue support and provide Innovation Grants to HISD campuses.

I have learned how to program better and feel truly lucky to have a STEM class. It will definitely raise my chance of joining a robotics club or even later, get me a job in the Science and Technology field – Horn Elementary Student, STEM-ulate the Minds of Tomorrow, Today!


2021 – 2022

Pink STEMs Cultivating Girls Who Thrive in STEM

A female-based STEM project aimed to develop computer science and engineering through 3D printing models

Innovative Assistance for Tomorrow’s Thinkers

Immersing technology to solve students’ reading comprehension and technological advancement challenges. Using iPads and stylus to build skills to show students how technology can aid in their learning and advancement through augmented environments

SEL Kinesthetic Research-Based Nonjudgmental All-Inclusive Practices to Promote Mental Stability, Balance and Self-Regulation in Youth Through the Use of Mindfulness and Yoga Tools Created Specifically for Youth Experiencing Trauma

Yoga classes to help develop mindfulness, yoga, and help unresolved trauma

Art SmART: ARTiculate

Twofold program that provides students of low socioeconomic status with new experiences through student STREAM projects, collaborative beautification projects, and art exhibits in efforts of empowering student expression through the Arts.

The Oracle, A/V Department

Funding for new technology to run a student-run literary magazine to improve student’s skills and close the equity gap the school faces.

Connecting the Disconnected: Smart Students Creating Smart Devices

Implementing recent innovations of the internet of things and blockchain technology to help increase student interest and engagement. The HHS loT Blockchain Initiative will help connect the disconnected and enable our brilliant students to create a smart device.

Water Works – A Community and Global Water Quality Project

Students at Bellaire High School participated in both a real-world lab and in the field on projects emphasizing the importance of water quality and its global impact. These were problem-based research projects designed to facilitate the development of science-literate citizens in an increasingly data-driven and technological world.

Seed to Plate Recipe for Success Program

The project aims to teach children the lifecycle of food through seed to plate program. The project aims to fight childhood obesity by teaching children to plant, grow, and cook nutritious foods.

Move and Motion Learning

Funding for a new smart board in Special Education classrooms designed to provide interactive learning, move and motion, and visual guidance for academic success.

Exploration Station

The project helps fund a science lab and implement experiments as part of the science curriculum. The goal is to implement a weekly lab experiment session for all grade levels. The students will actively engage in the scientific process. Teachers will utilize the laboratory on a rotation basis and align their units to ensure experiential learning for all. The lab will be used for after-school enrichment programs like the Science Club to explore life science, earth science, technology, and robotics.

Conversations with ELL Learners

The project is to begin a club after school where students who are fluent in English can have conversations with students who struggle in that area. Peer tutoring can have a beneficial impact on all students involved. The resources are for games they can play together to help spark conversations. Some are games that focus on language arts skills, and some are just fun games.

Augmented Reality: Projection Mapping

The project gives students a more in-depth and honest look into our world to become more geoliterate, more engaged in contemporary global issues, and more informed about multicultural viewpoints. The technology used can be applied to virtually any content area, any grade level, and in any school.


A reading literacy intervention designed to help students gain a love for reading through Young Adult Spanish novels, Spanish literacy classics, Spanish graphic novels, and Spanish

“Herstory, Our Story”

This project will create a living museum curated by female students designed to inform and educate the community on the impact that women have made on our world. It will also produce a public visual art project celebrating significant women in history.

Agriculture – An Urban Solution to Climate Change and Food Security

The overall aim of this Agriculture project, as an urban solution to climate change, is to provide ways to support the BTW’s CEAC, GD, and PFALs with students trained to understand how plants interact with their environment and in turn, how they can be used to help restore balance to climate change. To achieve the project’s goals, the Agriculture Department plans to collaborate with the Science, Engineering, Visual and Language Arts, Math, and Culinary Arts department to reimagine sustainable crop growing environments that address climate change and food security from fundamental principles of agriculture-climate interaction.

2019 – 2020

BTW Drone Aerogame

The engineering students at Booker T. Washington High School created a district wide drone competition that fosters student collaboration and creativity. The Aerogame challenges students to devise and implement strategies as the game progresses and apply engineering concepts learned in the classroom.

Together We Grow

Ed White Elementary, Sugar Grove Academy, and Sharpstown High School established school gardens to encourage a healthy lifestyle as students learn to identify, grow, and harvest their own food in a food desert area. Classroom subjects come alive as students incorporate math, science, history, and geography into the real-world activity of gardening.

Dogan Digi-Minds

Dogan Elementary transformed its campus computer lab into an interactive STEM lab for Pre-K to 5th graders, offering all 620 students access to 21st Century technology.  The new lab enabled all students on campus access to innovative learning tools that expand students’ creativity, increase arithmetic skills, and skyrocket science learning and writing skills.

Learning STEM through Fashion Design

Inspired by the campus’s popular Sewing Club and Character Parade, teachers at Stevens Elementary introduced project-based learning and STEM through a Fashion Design Club. Students designed their own creations, learned about entrepreneurship, marketing, cost, and production, and showcased their final project at a campus-wide Fashion Show.

Camp Med: A Bridge Summer Educational Experience

Offered by Baylor College of Medicine Academy at Ryan, Camp Med is a bridge summer educational experience for rising 6th graders. The bridge camp is designed to begin preparing young minds of diverse backgrounds for both the rigors of BCMAR and the challenges of middle school in general – with the theme of Health Science.

Percussion in the Digital Age

This project exposed young musicians at Holland Middle School to the latest art technology and allowed them to create music of their own. Students got hands-on experience by learning how to program and play digital percussion instruments. They then developed short video lessons that can be used throughout the district.

Water Works – A Community and Global Water Quality Project

Students at Bellaire High School participated in both a real-world lab and in the field on projects emphasizing the importance of water quality and its global impact. These were problem-based research projects designed to facilitate the development of science-literate citizens in an increasingly data-driven and technological world.

Payload Design and Fabrication for Sounding Drone Project

Students in Booker T. Washington’s Drone Technology class worked in teams to design, build, and test various payload bay designs for a drone to carry to an altitude between 200 feet and 300 feet. The results will be used to train students in rocketry classes and reported in the Mid-Term Report.

STEM Ahead through Writing and Literacy

This grant supported the SouthMayd Elementary’s STEM initiatives with easily accessible materials and robotics to students who are not exposed, encouraging them to join Robotic Challenges offered throughout the district and city. A school-based parent/community/student showcased all projects in April as a culmination overview of this grant.

The Living Lab

Clifton Middle School in partnership with The Urban Harvest assembled and maintained a sustainable school garden and kitchen. The Living Lab Garden provided a curriculum to enrich core content where students can develop healthy habits by engaging in farm to table philosophy. The living Lab provided engagement across all content – ELA, Math, Sci and SEL (Yoga).

Hooked on Science (Engaging Young Minds One Grade at a Time)

The purpose of this project was to bridge the gap in science performance for Woodson Elementary students by providing fun and interactive science kits to assist teachers in hands-on and minds-on experiences. The kits addressed a wide variety of science topics and are readily available for classroom use.

Miniature Model of Signaling & Gating for Flood-Prone Underpasses, Roadways in Houston Area

The student engineers at Booker T. Washington High School built a mini-scale solution to flood-prone underpasses such as a railway level crossing in a flood-prone area. Students learned different engineering and STEM procedures including architecture and construction.

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